Ph.D. Portfolio

(Due at the time of Oral Comprehensive Exam)


  1. Develop an area of professional counseling expertise as demonstrated through scholarly publication and/or presentations.
  2. Develop collaborative relationships with program faculty in teaching, supervision, research, professional writing, and service to the profession and the public.
  3. Participate in appropriate professional counseling organizations.
  4. Contribute to and promote scholarly counseling research.

Research and Scholarship

  1. Demonstrate the ability to formulate research questions appropriate for professional research and publication.
  2. Demonstrate professional writing skills necessary for journal and newsletter publication.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to develop and submit a program proposal for presentation at state, regional, or national counseling conferences.

Leadership and Advocacy

  1. Demonstrate the ability to provide leadership or contribute to leadership efforts of professional organizations and/or counseling programs.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to advocate for the profession and its clientele.

Portfolios are to be developed with the guidance and approval of your doctoral advisory committee. All of the above elements must be addressed; consistent with CACREP (2009) doctoral standards.

All elements must be completed by the time oral comprehensive exam is scheduled. Portfolios must be professionally prepared with acceptable artifacts and turned into your Doctoral Committee chair at the time Orals are scheduled.